OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Charging Mobile Charger With USB-A To Type-C Cable Red

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Online OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Charging Mobile Charger With USB-A To Type-C Cable White in India Online India Shop for OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Fast Mobile Adapter White.

OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Charging Mobile Charger With USB-A To Type-C Cable White

OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Charging Mobile Charger With USB-A To Type-C Cable White and the product made from the highest quality materials to maintain the strictest standards. This is ideal as a spare or replacement for your existing Type-C Charger. It is compatible with genuine Mains Chargers for your Type-C USB port powered devices.

OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Charging Mobile Charger With USB-A To Type-C Cable White



  • Flash charge with SUPERVOOC 100W With USB-A and Type-C dual ports, the output of one single port is up to 100W . OnePlus 12 & OnePlus 11R with 5000mAh battery capacity can be charged to 100% in about 27 minutes.
  • Fast charge with dual ports working simultaneously, You can charge your laptop and mobile phone at the same time to maximize productivity.
  • Innovative circuit design. The adapter's circuit integrates two transformers to improve power conversion efficiency.
  • One adapter to charge different devices. The adapter support SUPERVOOC, VOOC, PD, QC, PPS. It can charge not only mobile phone, but also smart terminals including laptop, tablet, smartwatch, Bluetooth headset, and Switch consoles.
  • Folding pins for easy carry, The adapter with folding pins can save space for easy storage. It is an ideal partner no matter you are traveling or on business.
  • Environmentally-friendly, The adapter meets the Level VI efficiency standards.
  • Use your phone without impacting the charging process: SuperVOOC charging technology powers your phone while it charges its battery, so you can make calls, check your messages or browse the Web while your phone is charging.
  • Flexibility: The OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Charging Mobile Charger With USB-A To Type-C Cable White also comes with a detachable USB to USB Type-C cable, which allows you to charge your phone from the USB port on your computer or other USB power source if you are not near a wall outlet and it is Sleek, tangle-free compact design allows you to take it on your travels. You can swap out the detachable USB Type-c cable and still get the same quick charging capabilities.



  • Product images are provided for reference only, and the actual product may vary. The pattern on the surface of the product may look different due to lighting or for other reasons. Some specifications and descriptions of the product may vary due to change of suppliers and other reasons.
  • The aforementioned data are based on our designed technical parameters, and laboratory and supplier test data. The actual situation may vary slightly depending on the version of the test software, and test environment or version.
  • The data is based on the OnePlus lab test report. Test Model: OnePlus 12 5G & OnePlus 11R 5G Test Environment: The initial temperature of the battery is 25±1 ℃, and the ambient temperature is 25±1 ℃. Test Conditions: The Airplane Mode is switched on with all background programs turned off. Use the 100W Dual Ports Power Adapter to charge the battery from 1% keeping the screen off. Actual charging speed may vary depending on device usage, charging conditions, and other factors.
  • Compatible devices shall support leading charging protocols such as SUPERVOOC, VOOC, PD, PPS, and QC. Flash charge and fast charge only work when smartphone and cable which support SUPERVOOC.
  • Keep the product away from fire or other heat sources to avoid danger.
  • Do not use the power adapter outdoors.
  • Do not disassemble, squeeze, puncture, modify the product or immerse it in water. Do not touch the charger, wire or power socket with wet hands while charging to avoid danger.
  • Keep the product from children. Please remove the product from the power socket after charging.

It is compatible with all OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Charging Mobile Charger With USB-A To Type-C Cable White Smartphone like, OnePlus 12 & OnePlus 11R Mobile Charger. Online OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Charging Mobile Charger With USB-A To Type-C Cable White in India Online India Shop for OnePlus 12 Support 100W SuperVOOC Charging Mobile Charger With USB-A To Type-C Cable White at Lowest Price Looking for only cables for your device.Buy Vivo Original Charger at

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Just because of the simple fact that the product I order is always best and the thing which are shown in picture stays the same after gets delivered..

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How many days will it take to deliver?

We deliver within 3-6 days from the time of order. Rest assured, our team works diligently to ensure your charger reaches you as quickly as possible.

Is this an original charger & what guarantee do you provide about the product?

Yes, this is an original charger OEM. We only deal with branded products and have been a trusted name in the market for over 10 years. We offer a 12-month warranty on all our chargers, ensuring you get the best quality.

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If you face any issues with your charger, you can cancel or return your order within 7 days of receiving it. Simply contact our customer support team +91-7077719844, and they will guide you through the process smoothly.

Can I know about your Return/Refund Policy?

We have a hassle-free 7-day return policy. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, contact our customer support within 7 days, and we will assist you with the return or refund process.

If there is any problem with the charger, can we change it at the servicing center or do we have to contact you?

For any issues with the charger, please contact our customer support team +91-7077719844. We will either guide you to the nearest servicing center or handle the replacement process directly.

Can I get any discount if I order?

Yes, we offer additional discounts for prepaid customers. Take advantage of our special offers and enjoy quality products at even better prices.

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You can trust our website,, as we have been serving customers for over 10 years with branded, high-quality products. We use secure payment gateways to ensure your transactions are safe.

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While our standard delivery time is 3-6 days, we always strive to deliver as quickly as possible. Please contact our customer support to check the possibility of expedited shipping for your area.

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We are committed to providing our customers with the best value for their money. By dealing directly with manufacturers and maintaining efficient operations, we can offer you the same high-quality chargers at lower prices than other websites.

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