Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black

Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black

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Supports 2 Ampere Fast Charge Enjoy speedy data transfer with the USB cable. Compatible with all smart phones. This high performance cable is compatible with your Smartphone. Buy Online Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black in India Online India Shop for Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black at Lowest Price

Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black

In Short,The Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black Experience an easy, reliable connection with this enhanced micro USB cable. The high-quality cable provides a standard Type A USB connector on one end and a Micro Type B connector on the other. Plug the Type A USB connector into a computer, game console or AC adapter. Micro ports are often found on devices like mobile phones, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, digital cameras and digital camcorders. Best to Use with the brand Which you are looking for Currently ! 'Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black' Compatible With: Micro USB cable works with any device equipped with a Micro USB hub, including, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, HTC One and Motorola Droid smartphones, Windows tablets, GPS devices, Nexus 7 tablets and PSP game consoles just to name a few.Also Supports Amazon Kindle (Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Paperwhite) Ideal for charging Android phones and tablets. "Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black" features are:
  • USB 2.0 cable: A-Male to Micro B, supports 480-Mbps transmission speed
  • Connectors resist corrosion for signal purity
  • Modern design, smaller connector easily fits smaller spaces
  • Thinner and more flexible cable
  • Enhanced charging capability (Up to 2100 mA)
  • Compact And Smooth connector head
  • The durable cable comes with corrosion-resistant connectors, which allow it to be connected and disconnected over and over again without signal loss. Enjoy a consistently superior signal every time.
  • Charge and Sync: Use the Micro USB cable to charge and sync your Android device. Redesigned to be even smaller, the connector fits more easily in small spaces, making it possible, for example, to connect to your Android phone without having to remove the case first. The cable can also be used to transfer data between your computer and your printer, external hard drive or digital camera. Simply plug the micro USB end into your device and connect the USB side into a wall adapter or USB hub.
Online Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black in India Online Lenovo K8 Plus Charge Cable & Data Sync Black at Lowest Price Original Buy Check Our Other Cables For your Device! Premium Quality. Warranty Issues Claim Here.

Customer Reviews

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Just wow!

it's definitely a nice product. I'm using it for 2 months now and it is as good as turbo charger (comparable). Charges my Mobile in less than an hour and also my battery backup has increased.

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Good Product

The best charger in budget.


nice charger fast charging.

Not good

I purchased the product based on lower price. You get what you pay for. Don't expect much from product.....I have purchased one charger and one earphone. Both have issues within 2-3 months of usage.

Your Product is under warranty Please claim it we will replace this.

Used past 6 month, no issue, no heating problem, quality is similar to branded charger